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A Drop of Ale
A Praise Song for Their Majesties - Cuan and Padraigin
Battle of Maldon
Better Kissed Before 
Morte d' Arthur (New Version)
Morte d' Arthur
My Bling is My Own
Lock and Key
Brave Men O Scotland 
Children of the Realm
Fields of Agincourt 
Diedre of the Sorrows 
Fields of Culloden 
For a Friend
For Thee (Tristan and Isolt) 
In Praise of Peers
Hail to Sacred Stone
Hail to Sacred Stone - 2
Hey Jolly Broome Man
Hobart's Bane
Lullaby of the Sailor's Wife 
Marian's Vow
May Song
Montgisard Victorious
My Name is Battle
My Name is Battle - 2
Rise the Dragon