Songs by Rosalind Jehanne pdf
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Robin 1 - Sherriff 0
Sabbath Song
Song of the Dane
Stand With Me
The Boy and the Knight
The Coronation of Michael and Seonaid
The Coronation Round
The Faery Rose
The Frantic Feastcrat of Saint Whale
The Harp and the Dulcimer
The Hawk and the Dove
The Jewel of Atlantia
The King and His People are One
The Lament of Two Ladies
The Life of the Bard
The Makyng of a Merrie Man
The Merry Wolves of Windsor
The Mightiest Weapon
The Peasant Knight aka Heart of a Warrior 
The Pennsic Pavillion Blues
The Red Rose and the White
The Royal Baby Round
The Song of Love aka Rosalind's Bawdy Ballard
The Song of Roland
The Twelve SCA Days of Christmas
The Underwear Song
To Welcome the Christ Child
Welcome Sweet Spring